What football means to me....

Football has always been fun for me because I have fun out there on the field every game no matter what!  I have many friends and family who come to support me and watch me play.  Two things have have learned from football is Teamwork & Leadership.

Jarrett Graff #88

Football at Corbett....

Playing football at Corbett is like playing football with family, we grow close to everyone on and off the field.  On Friday nights we all are thinking the same thing; go hit someone as hard as you can and help them off their back after you give them the hammer.  Before every game we remember who wore our jersey before us, and try our hardest to make them proud at what we are doing.  I love playing football for Corbett because whether we are down by 20 or up by 20 we always keep our heads up and bring all that we got.

Matthew Krieger #34

Thomas Eppley

Class of 2019

Corbett Football....

Corbett football and Corbett sports, have given me countless memories from the toughest losses to the dominating wins.  Cardinal Sprirt throughout the team and the family hood of the team has been life changing for me.  I have learned how to push through the lowest of lows and how to enjoy everything I can.  I will always cherish these moments and memories.

Thomas Eppley #23

Matthew Krieger

Class of 2019

High School Senior Spotlight

Jarrett Graff

Class of 2019